Next Generation Cartographers Working Group of the International Cartographic Association

Welcome to Next Generation Cartographers, a group dedicated to advocacy, support and mentorship for early career cartographers within academic and professional cartography.

This website is maintained by the Working Group Next Generation Cartographers of the International Cartographic Association (ICA).

Our group strives to create a safe and welcoming space for the next generation of cartographers to share work, find inspiration, and connect with each other worldwide. We’re so glad you’re here!

We consider early career cartographers to include students in the later stages of their education and early career academics, professionals, and cartography enthusiasts. Not an early career cartographer? More senior scholars and cartographic professionals are most welcome in NGC as advocates for and mentors to the next generation of cartographers.

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The Next Generation Cartographers initiative (NGC) aims to support cartographers in the early stages of their career, both in academic and professional contexts. The initiative seeks to provide opportunities and a safe space for mutual support and exchange, and to raise awareness for the needs and demands of next generation cartographers within the field of cartography and its established institutions.

We consider “next generation cartographers” to include students towards the later stages of their education as well as young professionals, early career academics, and map enthusiasts; more senior academics and professionals are also very welcome if they want to promote the interests of the next generation and support them as mentors or advisors.




The basis of the group's operation are the values of inclusiveness, diversity, and openness. NGC is a network and a safe space based on mutual trust and respect.

A code of conduct shall be developed that promotes these values and also allows for a wide range of opinions, views, and approaches to have a voice in the conversation.

The initiative is seeking to achieve this vision with the following activities

  1. Serve as a contact point for next generation cartographers by:
    1. maintaining the website, mailing list, and other suitable means of communication and knowledge sharing,
    2. developing resources about the NGC initiative.
  2. Organize regular NGC online meetings for the exchange of knowledge and networking.
  3. Organize social events during cartographic conferences to facilitate networking among members of the NGC community.
  4. Encourage members of NGC community to take up leading roles in cartography and support their professional career development by:
    1. disseminating information about job and professional development opportunities, project funding, etc.,
    2. promoting the involvement of members of NGC community in decision-making bodies in cartographic organizations (such as International Cartographic Association [ICA] and regional cartographic societies).
  5. Facilitate establishing mentor-mentee relationships for members of the NGC community between members in more senior positions and emerging professionals.
  6. Endorse critical approaches in cartography by co-organising events and supporting collaboration to facilitate ideas exchange.
  7. Cooperate with the cartographic community by:
    1. promoting the participation of the NGC community in scientific events,
    2. participating in ICA Commissions’ work.
    3. engaging in cartographic institutions on the global and regional level and lobbying for the interests of the NGC community within those (e.g. active outreach to young scholars and professionals, lobbying simple and affordable membership for students and early-career cartographers etc.)
  8. Present issues related to NGC initiative at cartographic conferences and in journals and other media.
  9. Creating opportunities for collaborations with related disciplines (e.g., computer science, IT, engineering) - extending our network in a transdisciplinary manner



Note: If you want to be added to the this section please contact us or create a pull request on our github repository.

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